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CHF Solutions, Inc. Announces Ultrafiltration Meta-Analysis Highlighting Significant Reduction in Heart Failure Readmissions at 90 Days

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Nov. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CHF Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHFS) announced today that the Heart Failure Reviews released a comprehensive meta-analysis1 evaluating the role of ultrafiltration (UF) in reducing hospital readmissions in acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) patients.  The positive results of this meta-analysis, which included CHF Solutions’ Aquadex FlewFlow® system, are consistent with previous publications that demonstrate the importance of considering Aquapheresis as an alternative therapy for diuretic-resistant, ADHF patients suffering from fluid overload.

Nine (9) studies with a total of 820 patients were included in the analysis.  The analysis showed:

  • Reduction in cumulative heart failure hospital readmissions in UF patients
  • Significant reduction in heart failure readmissions at 90 days for patients treated with UF (p = 0.01)
  • Significantly higher fluid removal (p < 0.0001) and weight loss in UF patients (p < 0.00001)
  • No differences in renal and cardiovascular outcomes

The data suggests the advantage of UF over conventional diuretics lies in the fluid removal, sodium clearance and prevention of the neural hormonal activation.  Recent evidence also suggests that rapid removal of isotonic fluid with ultrafiltration has a high correlation to the reduction in congestive symptoms, sustained heart failure stabilization, reduced diuretic requirements and reduced hospital admissions. The study concluded that UF has the potential to provide extended symptom-free days which may reduce overall health care cost.

John Erb, CHF Solutions CEO said, “We are pleased to see yet another independent piece of clinical evidence validating our mission to provide an alternative therapy for congestive heart failure patients. We remain focused on the clinical and economic benefits that Aquapheresis can provide to patients and hospitals.”

About CHF Solutions

CHF Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHFS) is a medical device company focused on commercializing the Aquadex FlexFlow system for Aquapheresis® therapy. The Aquadex FlexFlow system, is indicated for temporary (up to eight hours) ultrafiltration treatment of patients with fluid overload who have failed diuretic therapy, and extended (longer than 8 hours) ultrafiltration treatment of patients with fluid overload who have failed diuretic therapy and require hospitalization. All treatments must be administered by a healthcare provider, under physician prescription, both of whom having received training in extracorporeal therapies. The company’s objective is to improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure and related conditions. CHF Solutions is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with wholly owned subsidiaries in Australia and Ireland. The company has been listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market since February 2012.

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