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Ultrafiltration Training

Welcome to the ultrafiltration training program for the Aquadex SmartFlowTM fluid removal system. This comprehensive, interactive, and computer-based training course provides information and certification for the following topics:

  • Understand the causes and impact of hypervolemia (fluid overload)
  • Understand the limitations of current therapies
  • Describe how the Aquadex SmartFlow therapy can achieve treatment goals
  • Understand patient selection, venous access, anticoagulation, and UF/blood flow rate considerations
  • Perform Aquadex SmartFlow system setup and troubleshooting

Venous Access Training

Welcome to the venous access training for the Aquadex SmartFlow™ fluid removal system. This course is an interactive and computer-based program that includes information about:

  • Keys to therapy optimization
  • Dual lumen Extended Length Catheter (dELC) specifications
  • dELC placement, insertion, positioning, patency, and stabilization considerations
  • Alternative venous access options for adults and pediatric patients
  • Anticoagulation considerations

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