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Aquadex SmartFlow™ Software Release Notes

Software Version 2.0.0

Hct Graph
If the Hct sensor clip is removed from the blood circuit for a few minutes, the resulting graph will show the “no data” points inconsistently depending on the selected time base on the horizontal axis. The user is given an alarm or alert if the Hct clip is not on the cuvette, minimizing the likelihood of this occurring.

Auto Flow Rate Change
The Aquadex system does not allow the Ultrafiltrate Flow (UF) to be more than 21% of the Blood Flow (BF) rate. For example, setting BF to 40 ml/min and UF rate to 500 ml/hr puts the UF at 21% of BF. In this situation, if the user choses to further decrease BF, the UF will automatically decrease to remain at no more than 21% of BF with the message “Current blood flow rate requires UF rate to be decreased”. The message only displays the first time the rate is automatically changed.

Software Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 is an international release of the SmartFlow software, updated to support additional languages. The functionality of the software is identical to version 2.0.0 – please refer to the release notes for that version.

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